Discount Cat Tree Furniture - Armarkat Cat Trees

Discount Cat Tree Furniture - Armarkat Cat Trees

Find the best cat trees, cat scratching posts, cat climbing towers and cat beds at the lowest online prices in the select range of Armarkat Cat Trees and Cat Furniture.

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Low priced pet safe Armarkat cat trees and cat tree furniture.

Armarkat Cat Trees& looked at in an unbiased view are a very good buy because of its low price in its class of Cat Trees. The average working class American cat owner, no matter how much they love their cat, would find it rather difficult to fit the price of a floor to ceiling, made in USA cat tree, into his or her budget.

Armarkat has provided them with an affordable, yet durable alternative. Made to cater to cats of all breeds, age and agility, each tree is built from pet safe, pressed wood/pressed board and covered with faux fur, faux fleece and sisal rope. They come in a wide range of colors and designs.

AeroMark… Providing Fun & Relaxation for Pets Worldwide!

A truly international company with multiple locations across the U.S., China and Europe, AeroMark International is a 20-year-old e-commerce success story. Established in 1994, the first manufacturer of Cat Trees for U.S. distribution was a small, women-led company. Still women-led, they have grown into a multi-million dollar business. Today, AeroMark’s Armarkat-branded products are recognized industry-wide for top quality and style at competitive prices.

Dedicated to merging state-of-the-art design and manufacturing with hand-crafted looks, AeroMark uses professional pet product designers who create focused, pet-centric products. Soft and cozy fabrics are washable, resilient and stain resistant. Visually appealing materials and colors blend with any décor courtesy of a refined color matching system. Sturdy bases and foundations support structures which are easy to assemble. Most importantly, only environmentally friendly materials are used which are harmless to both pets and their pet parents. For this, AeroMark was awarded the TUV Environmental Quality Control Test Certificate.

In addition, all products undergo rigorous internal quality control testing. This provides consumers with the satisfaction of knowing they purchased high quality products that are not only well-designed but are durable and safe. In combination with AeroMark’s insistence on the highest standards of customer service, the company is known as both innovative and dependable.

With 100 unique models, the Armarkat brand encompasses the deepest line of Cat Trees in the U.S. market. In addition, a growing line of approximately 75 Pet Beds features luxurious and practical models for both the dog and cat markets. With superior design and construction always at the forefront, the company refines its inventory with improvements and new additions regularly. They actively test market new products to add to their roster each year. See AeroMark’s products at

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The cats do scratch, they are cats, after all, but they do all their scratching mostly on my old area rugs that seem to be immune to scratching, and their cat furniture. The latter, all Armarkat Cat Trees, does really make a big difference, as my cats love their cat trees and cat condos. Three of them sleep in them always during the nights, and all five love being able to climb up and down without being yelled at, as would happen if they try to climb the curtains.

The person who thought up cat trees and cat condos must have been a genius as they do really make a big difference in how cats behave. Over the years I've been using Armarkat, Cat Trees because they have so many models to choose from, and they do last long enough for the money I pay for them.

I really wonder how these kitty condos can take so such abuse whereas a sofa looks mauled after even a little kitten gets through with it. Another thing I like about the Armarkat models is that their cat furniture come in so many different colors. As much as I love cats, I do not want my house to look like a zoo, and being able to pick cat furniture that actually blend into my decor is a very big plus.

Making sure that the cat furniture items would fit nicely into my home is the main thing I look for other that the quality.

Once I tried to cut corners and bought some real cheap stuff that promptly fell apart. Not good. I learned my lesson and have been buying quality stuff ever since. I do not mean the high ticketed custom made designer stuff but quality cat trees in the Armarkat price range.

A four foot cat tree that would support two large size cats with a price tag of about a hundred bucks is my idea of value for money.

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