Cat Beds

Cat Beds.

Get happiness from the sight of your cat curled up in its own warm and comfortable bed. Provide it with an Armarkat Cat Bed from the selective range below.

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Pet Beds - Armarkat Cat Beds.

Cat Beds

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There are many cat beds available to choose from. Knowing a little about what comfort your cat seeks can help you select a bed that it will not only use but enjoy. It can be quite frustrating buying a bed only to have your cat continue to use the furniture or alternative place rather than the bed. Getting your cat used to the bed from an early age will have her seeking out the bed for sleep in the future.

When your kitten is ready for a nap gently place her in the bed and stroke her so she settles. (She may well be ready for a nap after eating or playing.) The location of the bed is very important. Cats and kittens like to have a good view of their home. If your home is new territory to them, placing the bed in a quiet corner of a room or under a table will help her feel protected from threats.

Here is a list of the types of cat beds available:

  • Plastic
  • Wicker
  • Covered / Hooded
  • Beanbag
  • Cardboard Box
  • Cushioned or fake-fur
  • Sleeping bags
  • Fleecy round beds
  • Duvets
  • Four-poster
  • Radiator cradle

There are pros and cons for each bed which include the expense of the bed, whether the bed is difficult to clean and comfort level. The main focus ought to be that the bed and bedding is easy to clean. A number of beds like the radiator cradle can harbor fleas if not washed regularly.

Another factor is the size of the bed. Cats and kittens alike prefer to curl up in a small bed. To avoid buying several beds as your kitten grows, buy a bed that she can use when she is fully grown. To reduce the excess spaces add a blanket or bedding.

Bedding should have good insulation, materials such as blankets, fleece, a pillow or cushion and veterinary pet bedding are all good sources. Your cats bed should also provide protection from draughts and be easily accessible. Buying a radiator cradle bed for an elder cat is not ideal, even though it provides the warmth your cat needs, it may find it too hard to access being raised off the floor.

Some cats simply do not take to a bed and prefer your bed or furniture; it is still a good idea to keep a cat bed for your cat. This will provide it with a safe place if she ever needs her own space. It's like having your own custom t-shirts so you can be comfortable with your self. Having a few beds to place in your cats favorite places may very well limit their time on your furniture. Placing a duvet on your furniture for your cat keeps them happy and protects your furniture at the same time.

Our male cat loves to lounge on the dining room table. I placed a pillow and blanket on the table for a few months and then moved them to another table (the office desk). Which now leaves our dining room table cat free the majority of the time. He also likes to sleep on occasion in our lazy chair, I have tried placing a cat bed on the chair, but he rejected that and moved off to another chair. Our female cat loves to sleep on the office chair and we have placed a cat pad on the chair which she sleeps on happily. We are also cat-sitting a cat who is very determined to sleep on our bed most of the day and night, particularly if we are in it.

Each cat and kitten will have their own preference for a cat bed. Choosing a bed early on and spending the time to train your cat to seek out the bed for sleep will benefit both of you. If you acquire or adopt an older cat, or a determined kitten pay particular attention to the location of the bed. Cats love snug places and they need to feel safe and secure.

Guide to Cats. Get information on buying, owning and caring for your cat, learn more about cat beds.

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