Cat Scratching Posts

Cat Scratching Posts.

Get your cat scratching and stretching on quality sisal material covered surfaces, and save your precious furniture, carpets and rugs from being torn to shreds. Provide it with a cat scratching post from the select range below.

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Discount quality sisal and carpet covered cat scratching post featuring top grade timber and tough natural sisal rope which encourage natural behavior in cats and kittens.

Cat Scratching Post...Does Your Cat Need One?

She looks so forlorn in the shelter's cage, so you decide to take her home. You couldn't be happier! She's affectionate, sweet and best of all, she's litter-trained! But by week's end, you can't help feeling tempted to take her back!

The front corner of your once beautiful chintz loveseat has been reduced to shreds, all thanks to your precious kitty.

Wait! Don't take her back! There is a solution. What you need to buy, right away, is a good cat scratch post. After all, she's doing what comes naturally to her, looking for a strong and stable surface to scratch. Your loveseat is the best available option!

Just like when dealing with your kittens and finding them a good scratching post, you should never over look other basic needs for you and your dwelling as well. Finding a good place to get mortgage insurance for your house is just as hard as finding a decent scratching post for your kittens.

Cats have a territorial instinct that prompts them to place their mark and establish their territory. Since their paws have scent glands that leave a distinctive scent, cats scratch surfaces in your home to let other cats know that they're wandering into marked territory even if you don't have any other cats, your kitty doesn't know when one might show up! Cats also scratch simply because it feels good!

Why buy just scratch posts? Look at the cat tree on your left it has 5 to 6 times more scratching area than any sisal scratching post. Armarkat Cat trees, popular among cats and pet lovers alike

Every Armarkat Cat Tree is a scratching post!


Faux Fleece/Faux Fur covered Cat Scratching Post Trees less that 4 feet tall.

Faux Fleece/Faux Fur covered Cat Scratching Post Trees between 4 feet and 6 feet tall.

Faux Fleece/Faux Fur covered Cat Scratching Post Trees between 6 feet and 7 feet tall.

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By purchasing cat scratching posts, you solve two problems. Number one your kitty doesn't scratch your furniture anymore. And number two she can satisfy her urge to scratch and keep herself in shape at the same time. By stretching, pulling and working the muscles of her front quarters, she'll get the workout that she needs each time she attacks the scratching post!

Actually, she'll prefer her cat scratch post to your loveseat, as long as you purchase one made of rough sisal material or something similar. Forget the soft, pretty posts! She'll show no interest in them whatsoever.

Cats have a need to shred and sisal material (not sisal rope) is perfect for them. It's actually irresistible! Make sure that your cat scratch post is at least 28 inches high so that your kitty can get a healthful stretch. It is imperative that the post is sturdy and won't move during a heavy duty scratching session! A frightened kitty won't return to a post that toppled on her!

Now that you know the reasons why kitty scratches, don't hesitate another minute! You both need a cat scratch post, not to mention your beautiful chintz loveseat.!

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