How To Raise A Cat

How To Raise A Cat.

Kate Evans and her wonderful team at 'Top Reveal' have just publised a comprehensive article titled "How to Raise a Happy Cat – What Every Cat Owner Needs" - which I think every visitor to my site would truly appreciate.


How to Raise a Happy Cat – What Every Cat Owner Needs.

How to raise a cat? What every cat owner needs!

Reproduced below is part of an article "How to raise a happy cat - What every cat owner needs" published by Kate Evans in ''. Clicking on the links provided in this page will take you to the original article in

How to Raise a Happy Cat – What Every Cat Owner Needs.

How to Raise a Happy Cat – What Every Cat Owner Needs

Getting a new pet is a big commitment and investment. On top of loving, playing and nurturing your little furball, you also have to ensure it’s health ad safety. Which means buying not just food and water, but toys, litter boxes, and posts for your cat to scratch. And any old litter box or toy won’t do: you have to consider details like quality, price, effectiveness, and usefulness.

I know, you’re probably thinking: cats are supposed to be easy, this might be too much. Trust me, they are and it’s not, especially with my Cat Owner’s Guide to Raising a Happy Cat. I’ll give you an easy to follow checklist of all the essentials you need, along with buying tips and advice that will have your cat purring and you smiling.

How to raise a cat

How to raise a happy and healthy cat: The Basics.

Take the Time to Bond.

Pets are, in essence, your children, minus the diapers; So treat them just like a child. Take time out of your day to hold, pet, love and play with your new feline friend. Despite their reputation for being aloof, cats thrive off of loving interactions, just like any other pet. Of course, every cat has a different personality, but all of them have something that makes them special, unique, and lovable.

Take time to bond with your cat

While some are extremely laid back and easy to hold and carry, others disdain being held, especially if they aren’t comfortable with you just yet. Getting to know your kitten or cat helps establish trust as your furry new friend determines its’ rightful place in your new family.

The best thing you can do is show affection and teach them right and wrong as you get to understand their personality. Cats are, by nature, sassy and free-spirited (quite different from being snobby). More independent than dogs, they have a curious and reserved nature that can turn frisky in a heartbeat. Expect your cat to make itself cozy on its’ own schedule- like when you’re typing something important, reading a good book, or trying to spend some quality time with your smartphone.

As your cat ages, or if you adopt an older cat, they tend to need less fussing. Always pestering your adult cat can cause it to become easily agitated and it will likely scratch, hiss, and try to avoid you.

Click on this image to read the full article "How to Raise a Happy Cat – What Every Cat Owner Needs" by Kate Evans.

This article is a must read for every cat owner as it deals with the basics involved with raising an healthy cat, and covers among other things, the follwoing:

  • Taking the Time to Bond, with some helpful tips to consider when bonding with your cat.
  • Cats are People Too: Playtime, Feeding, Training & Discipline.
  • Give Your New Friend Something to Do.
  • Make Sure You’re Cleaning Up.
  • Enjoy the Little Things.
  • It’s Rewarding!
  • Happy Cat Owners Buying Guide.
  • High-Quality Cat Food.
  • A Box, Scoop, and Litter.
  • Scratching Posts.
  • Toys.
  • Bowls.
  • Carriers for your Pet.
  • Vet Visits and Illness Prevention.

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