World's Best Cat Litter

World's Best Cat Litter

Smell the fresh air again, by using World's Best Cat Litter - The cat litter made from all-natural whole-kernel corn, that limits odors, clumps fast, scoops easy and is pet, people and planet friendly.

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Your Cat's litter habits.

Has your cat's litter habits changed? when this happens, take it to a veterinarian so that a medical problem, could be ruled out. If it does not have a medical condition, then you must make sure that it is not the litter, or the litter box itself that is dissuading your cat.

Cat Litter Box Concealment Furniture.

Before we move on to cat litter as such, let us first accept that a cat litter box is a necessary evil for a cat loving family. Though ugly and sometimes, very smelly and messy, all cat households put up with them day after day. To a cat lover, it looks like there is no other choice.  Well, thanks to the development of cat furniture, we now have the possibility for an upgrade from the old eye sore, the cat litter tray.

You may have the cat litter tray in a far away corner, down in the laundry room or even in the basement. Although the main reason for putting it out of the way, was to hide it, it was also to provide a more useful purpose, a place of privacy for the cat. In doing so you can also free up more room in these spaces, for needed things as laundry baskets and such. In some large homes this may be easy to do. But most feline pet owners today, live in smaller, modest homes that can not quite support the needs of both the cat and the owner.

Well, enter modern, designer cat furniture, worthy of purchasing by cashing in some of those investments which gives the cat owner the freedom and luxury of having the cat litter tray right in the living room, or in any part of the house. The cat has his or her privacy, and the cat litter tray is completely out of sight.

However, where is the point of concealing the litter tray, so that it can be kept within the house, when the main problem 'the smelling cat litter' has not been solved. Well thanks again, to modern technology. We now have, instant clumping, odor trapping, flushable cat litter, that will not let you down, by letting off an awful smell, and the best of such types of cat litter is, the 'World's Best Cat Litter'.

World's Best Cat Litter.

World's Best Cat LitterThe only all-natural, Silica free, biodegradable, long lasting, earth friendly, flushable cat litter, with maximum clumping power and ordor control, highly recommended for all single and multi-cat households and for use in all brands of mechanical litter boxes.

It is rather ironic, that World's Best Cat Litter, as the very name of the product, is definitely going to make the discerning cat lover very skeptical. This factor, coupled with it being much more expensive than the clay litters most people have tried and tested, made me a bit apprehensive about the future of this product on the market as a viable corn litter or clumping cat litter, especially at

Having said that, the realization that The various problems associated with clay litters was making all cat lovers desperate for an all natural non clay-litter that was convenient to use, controlled ordors, left little or no tracking and was not too expensive, gave the 'Worlds best Cat Litter' a chance. Product Description.

World's Best Cat Litter is the only all-natural cat litter made from whole kernel corn.

The biodegradable litter is safe for you, your cat, and the environment with no added chemicals or perfumes. Due to corn’s unique micro-porous structure, a large surface area effectively traps and absorbs the ammonia and urine odors naturally. Remarkable odor control and clumping capabilities make it easy for you to clean the litter box too.

World's Best Cat Litter also lasts a long time, which saves you money. Its lightweight nature makes it ideal for automatic litter boxes, and cats will love its soft texture and pleasing natural scent. Recommended by manufacturers of self-cleaning litter boxes.

Many individuals, still question exactly why this product is regarded as the, WORLD'S BEST CAT LITTER and, there are numerous responses to those questions, however, the factor that is most pertinent, is definitely the 'organic, all-natural' attribute of this particular brand of cat litter. This particular all-natural charcterisitic does go a long way, to make it the WORLD'S BEST CAT LITTER.

The All Natural Cat Litter.

Since it is produced from whole-kernel corn, and possesses no synthetic preservatives including bentonite or silicas, clays, perfumes and chemicals, it is ninety nine percent free of all dust. Simply because whole-kernel corn is completely natural, virtually any small quantities of dust that may be present are totally safe due to the fact they dissolve. The manufacturer says, "If any dust would come from WORLD'S BEST CAT LITTER, it's organic, and will be dissolved and disappear anyway."

Being all natural, the WORLD'S BEST CAT LITTER is safe for you, your pet and your environment. Being all natural, it absorbs, It clumps, and It bio-degrades, giving you the ability to simply scoop and flush. Being all natural, it does not have an odour. Even after use. It offers an Earthy, all natural aroma. it is pleasant, but not strong, as well as, it isn't artificial. Even the smell is entirely natural.

In fact, WORLD'S BEST CAT LITTER is so natural, it can even be eaten, by yourself or your kittens.

The Clumping Cat Litter.

No one likes to clean up gooey and sticky messes from their cat's litter box But, with every litter on the market, this is an ever present problem. On the other hand, WORLD'S BEST CAT LITTER, is a groundbreaking cat litter, that stops a messy build-up in the litter box. Definitely, no caked-on, reeking, smelling "garbage" that is there, when one uses other brands of litter.

It is quite amazing to look at when you expose cat urine and faeces to WORLD'S BEST CAT LITTER and see how quickly it completely clumps up. Then, you scoop those clumps up and place them in your toilet bowl and watch them break down immediately they hit the water.

The Flushable Cat Litter.

Disposability of cat litter is definitely a big problem. The WORLD'S BEST CAT LITTER is septic and sewer safe, making it easy for you to just scoop up the clumps and flush them down your toilet .The moment any liquid mixes with WORLD'S BEST CAT LITTER, it gets absorbed and clumps. But, when exposed to water again,, like when you flush them in your toilet, the clumps will immediately disintegrate. Nothing clogs anywhere. Positively no blockages.

All online websites that sell discount cat furniture have links from which you can purchase the WORLD'S BEST CAT LITTER.

Something For the Humans who care for us Cats.

NITROvit for a better mood and increased calmness Customer Cat Litter Reviews.

5.0 out of 5 stars- Our favorite natural litter, - March 9, 2012 -

By  MattD (Texas).

This review is from: World's Best 00627 Cat Litter, Multiple Cat Clumping Formula, 17 Pounds (Packaging Varies) (Misc.).

We switched to natural litter in 1998 after doing a whole lot of research and coming across articles where breeders lost kittens due to the harsh "side effects" of clay based litters.

If you can't flush it down the drain, imagine what it does to the respiratory system and digestive tract of your cat. After not being able to get our old brand anymore we switched to World's Best multiple cats. Please remember, even with just one cat you should have at least two litter boxes.

I have three cats and five boxes which are all in the same room. We have used this litter for years now and never had any problems with insufficient odor control. As a matter of fact this is why I love this litter so much. I ask people that come to our house whether or not they can smell the cat litter. Non of them can.

With other litters we've tried, especially clay based ones, the smell hits you right in the face. We also tried the wheat based litter but our cats won't use it. We had the same problem with the pine pellets - no takers.

The WBCL however is a winner. We scoop twice a day and replenish what we take out. The whole litter gets changed once a month. I also experienced that a bag of the WB will last a lot longer than any other littler we've tried. So, even though we pay more for the litter initially, in the end we save money.

I work at a local pet store and recommend it to my customers that are more concerned about their cat's health and the environment than cheapening out on a few bucks. Guess what, so far only positive feedbacks. I find that dust is a problem but not nearly as bad as some of those clay based litters. It also tracks quite a bit due to the product being pretty lightweight. Again, not any worse than clay litter.

It does not clump as hard as clay but I have used litters that where much worse in that regard. If you shake the litter scoop a little more carefully the clumps WILL hold together. Unless you have a cat that is allergic to corn or does not want to use this litter at all this product is so much healthier than clay based litter.

I believe that this is more important than our own little wants and convenient thinking.

Expensive but well worth the money to me!

Written: Jun 19 '06

Pros: excellent odor absorption, works well with LitterMaid.

Cons: expensive.

The Bottom Line:  It certainly is the World's Best Cat Litter. And that is coming from someone who has tried them all!

Ever since I bought my LitterMaid Mega automatic litterbox, I've been having problems with litter sticking and clumping to the electronic rake that moves through the box. The clumping means that it

Just drags ALL of the litter through the box and it quickly becomes too heavy for the rake to move--so it reverses and attempts to move forward through the box again, and again, and again. Exactly 5 times. The sound is annoying and the fact that the box can't clean itself is extremely frustrating.

I finally broke down and paid almost $20 for a 7 pound bag of LitterMaid brand cat litter. It worked like a charm! The machine worked! It was great! It was expensive! $20 for a week's worth of cat litter? I had a hard time handling that.

And then I noticed World's Best Cat Litter at the local PetCo. It looked almost exactly like the LitterMaid brand of litter but was several dollars cheaper. At the top of the bag in a tiny little bubble it said "ideal for self-cleaning litterboxes." SOLD! I bought it and couldn't wait to put it to the test in my often-used, usually-clumped-up LitterMaid.


World's Best Cat Litter is made up of fairly small particles. If you are used to traditional clay litters or crystals, this litter will look very different to you. It has no dust and no fragrance which I really appreciate because cat litter usually irritates my asthma.

Clumping Ability

This litter clumps very well as long as you allow many minutes to pass between when your cat goes and when you scoop. If you try to scoop too soon, you'll find that the clump will fall apart. They key is to have patience and wait. That's never a problem for me. I mean, who really is in a rush to clean out the litterbox?

Use In The LitterMaid

I couldn't be happier with World's Best Cat Litter's performance in the automatic litterbox. There is no clumping or sticking to the electronic rake and the machine has been functioning smoothly for several weeks since I switched over to this litter. I was truly ready to throw the LitterMaid away but the switch to this product made it possible for me to see why everyone loves their LitterMaid!

Odor Control

In my almost-thirty (shhhhhhhhhhhhh) years, I have used MANY different cat litters. I have almost always been disappointed by their poor odor control.World's Best Cat Litter pleasantly surprised me with superior odor absorption. You can't smell your litterbox when you use this product--that is priceless, in my opinion.

Cost and Availability

World's Best Cat Litter is definitely more expensive than cheap grocery store litters. I paid about $18.00 for a 17 pound bag. You will find, however, that a bag will last you for several weeks--even with multiple cats. As I mentioned earlier, the fact that it doesn't clog up the electronic litterbox and the superb odor absorption also make this litter well worth the price.

You won't find this product in grocery stores or discount retailers. It is stocked by PetCo, PetSmart, independent pet stores, and even online pet sites like World's Best Cat litter deserves a trip out of your way to find it!

My Last Word

I really love World's Best Cat Litter. It clumps well, it absorbs all odors, it keeps the LitterMaid running smoothly. It does everything that I need in a cat litter. I will happily pay the extra few dollars for such a superior product.

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