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  1. Armarkat A6202 62 inch Beige Classic Cat Tree.

    Armarkat A6202 62 inch Beige Classic Cat Tree

  2. Athens Cat Climbing Tower and 53 Inch Cat Scratching Post.

    Manufactured from three fourth inch thick, strong particle board, and covered with soft plush faux fur fabric, using non toxic adhesive, the Athens cat climbing tower and 53 inch cat scratching post, gives any cat plenty to do, and then a rest in a comfortable bed, built at the very top of the tree.

  3. Large Cedar Outdoor Cat House.

    Manufactured with Thermal-Ply insulation in its walls, floor and ceiling, which will provide great protection from both extreme cold and extreme heat and your cat with a place of her own that keeps her warm and dry, this Large Cedar Outdoor Cat House is the perfect cat house for small, medium and even big size cats.

  4. Cat Doors - Finding the right one.

    Now that you have provided an outdoor cat house, If you do not want to get annoyed at having to let your cat out when it wants to, then you should think about getting a cat door.