Extra Large Cedar Outdoor Cat House.

The extra large cedar outdoor cat house that is big enough to accommodate up to 3 or 4 cats is made with Canadian cedar, the wood of choice for long-lasting outdoor use. The extra large cedar outdoor cat house comes with Thermal-Ply insulation, embedded it its floor, walls and ceiling. This type of insulation, controls the temperature inside the extra large cedar outdoor cat house, and not only keeps your cats warm in winter, but gives them a cool place to relax during the heat of the summer.. If you think it looks good in the picture...wait until you see it in your back yard!

Extra Large Cedar Outdoor Cat House

Measuring 30 inches wide, 31 inches deep and 21 inches high on the outside the extra large cedar outdoor cat house has an interior floor space measuring 23.5 inches wide and 25.5 inches deep, a door opening 7 inches wide and 9 inches high which has the option of being covered by a vinyl flap comes with these main features:

  • WATERPROOF extra large cedar outdoor cat house.
  • Individually hand crafted from Canadian Cedar.
  • Thermal-Ply insulation is placed inside the floor, walls and ceiling.
  • Big enough to accommodate 3 to 4 cats or a small dog.
  • Optional extra door placed on the rear wall.
  • The roof can be easily removed with taking out a couple of screws.
  • Ships unassembled. Simple instructions included for fast assembly with common household tools.
  • With a battery powered screw driver, complete assembly should take about 30 - 40 minutes.
  • Free Shipping to Continental US
  • Free Shipping to Canada.

Availability: This extra large cedar outdoor cat house is CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER. It ships from Canada via FedEx within 5-6 business days. Transit time is between 4 and 9 business days depending on where it is going.

Optional Features

  • Small animal low wattage 9″ x 12″ removeable heating pad
  • Extra door
  • Vinyl Door Flaps
  • Roof extension

The heating pad is the safest, most reliable and energy efficient method to provide your pet with a comfortable warm environment during the coldest of winters. The pad is 9″ x 12″ with a soft weave pad cover that allows the warmth to easily radiate through to your cat. It only burns 25 watts of power. The internal thermostat keeps the temperature at a desirable 102 degrees when in use. When you purchase a heated pad with the extra large cedar outdoor cat house, the unit will be prepared for the electric cord.

Buy the extra large cedar outdoor cat house today, from www.catbedandtoy.com, for the base price of $265.00 uSD, shipping inclusive, to all destinations in continental U.S.A, and Canada.

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