Discount Cat Furniture - 2 Step Bear's Cat Stairs.

The video below was uploaded to YouTube on September 25, 2015 by user MrCatFurniture to his channel 'Cat Furniture' to help all cat lovers understand the need for the use of pet stairs and pet steps for their aging and sick cats. The video does demonstrate the value of the 2 Step Bear's Cat Stairs, in enhancing the relationship and experience you have living with your cats.

Discount Cat Furniture - 2 Step Bear's Cat Stairs.

The 2 Step Bear's Cat Stairs a fabulous piece of discount cat furniture can be purchased from, and

Product Description


Ideal for kittens or aged cats. Your felines or small dogs can reach their favorite places easily. Supports up to 49 lbs. Color may vary from item pictured.


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By Julie Sanchez on December 4, 2013
Color: Beige Verified Purchase
I have two Chihuahuas. One is very old has joint problems and arthritic problems, the other is a less than two years old and had hurt hr back when she was just a puppy. Now she's afraid to even attempt to jump onto or off of furniture. Therefore, the two step stairs is just the perfect fit of the sofas. I also have a five step stairs which is perfect for the bed. I would definitely recommend these to anyone.

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