Feeding Stations For Feral Cats.

Requirements for feeding and feeding stations are the primary concern to those who care for feral and stray cats of the community. Once this is in place, shelter is the next greatest concern.

Feeding Stations For Feral Cats.

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SHELTER: Shelter is essential for all cats living out of doors. Providing shelter can be challenging as well as deeply rewarding. Other than a warm and dry place to sleep at night, it can also provide a safe place away from predators and hostile situations. After the requirements for feeding and feeding stations are in place, shelter is the next greatest concern.

DISCUSSION: All shelters and feeding stations should be out of sight, no matter how friendly the area may appear. My general rule is to camouflage and or conceal everything and place all outdoor shelters and feeding stations out of sight with only the persons who are feeding and caretaking aware of their locations. This can include your backyard. Complaints from an unfriendly neighbor could jeopardize your humane efforts on behalf of stray or feral cats residing there.

SHELTER AREA: Assessment of safe shelter location should be made in any area where feral or stray cats are being cared for. Shelters should be warm, waterproof and sturdy enough to withstand the elements. Although we tend to think of shelter as being important only in the winter, it is equally important year around.

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