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Cat Tree Condo Atlanta

Cat Tree Condo - Atlanta

Cat Tree Condo - Atlanta 


Keep your cat always active, healthy and happy with the Cat Tree Condo - Atlanta. They are guaranteed to have heaps of fun with this five level 67 inch tall cat climbing tree, built around ten sisal rope covered cat scratching posts, a cat condo near the top of the tree to nap in, two comfortable beds at the very top level, and a large hammock that would accommodate even larger cats!


Scratching Posts: Anyone who owns a cat knows that they love scratching things, especially furniture! Cat Trees with sisal scratching posts give your cat a place to scratch, sharpen their claws, and exercise. The Cat Tree Condo - Atlanta, has ten sturdy posts, covered with quality sisal rope. With such a huge amonut of attractive scratching surface, cats will look now where else, keeping your expensive furniture safe.

Bedrooms: Cats like nothing more than a place to call home. The bedroom offers a nice enclosure where your cat feels safe to snuggle up and take naps in. Cat Tree Condo - Atlanta has a spacious bedroom, built at the top level of this 67 inch tall cat climbing tree.

Platforms: Platforms on cat trees allow your cat to lie down and relax. Sometimes they even prefer sleeping on the platform rather than in the enclosed bedroom. Cat Tree Condo - Atlanta has 4 lounging platforms, designed at different levels on the tree.

Hammocks: Hammocks designed into cat furniture are nice areas for the cat to curl up into a ball and take a nap. The Cat Tree Condo - Atlanta has a large hammock built at the tree's mid level for your cat's comfort.

Beds: Cat Trees with beds built into their design, invite the cats to rest, after a tiring romp. Cats need to rest and beds built into a cat tree give cats the opportunity to do so. Cat Tree Condo - Atlanta has two comfortable bed built at the very top, which doubles up as a cat perch.

Multi-Levels: Cat Trees with more than one level fill your cat's instinct to climb. Cats climb because they feel safer on a higher place away from other animals, such as dogs. Cat Tree Condo - Atlanta has a total of 5 levels, giving your cat the best climbing experience it can find indoors.

Dimensions: 24 inches x 20 inches x 67 inches.

Manufactured in China for Kitty Mansions of Ontario, California, USA, the Cat Tree Condo - Atlanta comes in two decor blending modern colours: Beige and Mocha.

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ALL this for just $127.00 US, and the Cat Tree Condo - Atlanta is Shipped FREE to destinations in the 48 continental states of the USA.

IMPORTANT 8.75% Sales Tax is payable for all orders to destinations in the state of California.

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