Discount Outdoor Cat house Furniture

Discount Outdoor Cat House Furniture

Let your cat enjoy the freedom of the outdoors, yet keep it secure, warm and comfortable, by getting an insulated and heated outdoor cat house today.

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When it comes to your pets, you just want to give them the best of everything since, when you really think about it, they are a member of your family, and, you should treat family like royalty. Certain pets require different things and you should really get items that match their needs and interests. Like, you would not get a dog bone for a rabbit or a flea collar for a turtle, or an outdoor cat house for your nanny goat. So, it is important to find just the right accessories and items for the pet that you have. One of the most popular pets in the United States today are cats and a great way to show your little furry feline friends that you love them is by giving them some fabulous cat furniture and accessories.

It is important for your cat to have a place that it can claim, and call its very own. An Outdoor Cat House would be an area that it can go to where it just feels safe and relaxed outside your home. No, under your bed, inside the house does not count, but no joke, it needs a spot that is designed just for it and an outdoor cat house would be a great option. Indoor cat houses are also called kitty condos and are made out of wood that is then covered in fabric or carpeting. Usually, they will be cylindrical in shape and will be wide and thick with a hollowed out inside area that is perfect for cats to sit, play, or just hang out.

An outdoor cat house perhaps......................Is what your cat needs?

What is great about cat houses, is that they are available in a number of sizes and styles. For example, you can get one that is small and has that plain cylindrical log shape, featuring just one level and only a few spots for your cat to sit or sleep in. On the other hand, you can also get one that is over the top elaborate. Unlike a specific outdoor cat house these indoor units will feature multiple interconnecting levels that have different shapes and will have a slew of features including perches and hammocks where they can sit along with hanging toys built right into its design. When it comes down to it, there are a lot of cat houses to choose from and they are also available in many sizes, which is great for you because you can find the perfect one for your cat, or cats, along with one that would fit well in your space.

Better still, have you thought about an INSULATED AND HEATED OUTDOOR CAT HOUSE

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We look for and only sell outdoor cat house that are handcrafted by experienced and skilled craftsmen.

Insulated Cedar Pet and Feral Cat Cabins.

Buy a Small Animal Heating Pad and transform the pet house to an heated outdoor cat house, which will keep your kitty cozy and warm during the coldest of months.

The Small Animal Heating Pad is thermostatically controlled so that it does not burn the animal. It can also be covered over to limit some of the heat. They do not get as hot as a regular heating pad. They are specifically made to warm the animal to its body temperature without burning them,

The Small Animal Heating Pad is the perfect warm spot for any small animal. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Only 25 watts is all that is needed to keep the indoor or outdoor pet warm and comfy even in the coldest of climates.

The 9 inches  X  12 inches size is perfect for Rabbits, Cats, Guinea Pigs or Ferrets and is ideal for the rehabilitation of wildlife.

The internal thermostat can be preset to be the perfect temperature. Thermostatically controlled to warm to animals normal body temperature. All edges are rounded to take away any chewing surface and even the cord entrance and the first 18 inches of the power cord are capped with steel.

Holes in the 4 corners of the pad are the perfect anchor points to keep the pad in place. Screws can be used to anchor the pad on wood surfaces or wired in place for wire floored cages.

A faux lambskin and washable K&H Small Animal Heated Pad Cover is available for the Small Animal Heated Pad. The Small Animal Heating Pad Cover is an excellent way to add comfort to the Small Animal Heating Pad. The soft weave allows the warmth to radiate through to the animal.

Your new pet house has been already assembled once by the skilled craftsmen in our production facility. They then take apart the sections of the house for shipping. Once you receive your pet house all you have to do is follow the included written instructions or these short videos, and you will have your pet's new home ready for them easily and quickly!

Large Pet House Assembly

Platform Assembly

Platform with Loft Assembly

Double Decker Assembly


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