Safari Cat Climbing Towers
Cat Climbing Towers
Safari Cat Climbing Towers

Safari Cat Climbing Towers

Safari Cat Climbing Towers

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The SAFARI CAT CLIMBING TOWER is not just a cat tree. The SAFARI is a complete PLAY, EXERCISE, and REST unit, that every domesticated feline will enjoy.

Made in the USA, from durable particle board and covered with 42% thicker Leopard Print Fabric (faux fur) than its imported counterparts available on the American market, and constructed without the use of staples, (cat safe, non-toxic adhesive used) to ensure that your little kitty never gets hurt by staples that have come lose and undone, this 60 inch Jungle theme, cat climbing tree features:

Levels: Four

FOUR spacious lounging platforms at different levels. One platform is at the 5 foot level, which serves as a perch, from which your kitty can survey its surroundings. Place this unit near a window, and you have a Cat Window Perch at no extra cost.


ONE play tunnel at he 5 foot level attached to the bottom of the topmost lounging platform. Have multiple cats? A second cat can use this tunnel as a vantage point to survey the happenings around it. - Cats love to climb heights. This activity stimulates healthy growth, and promotes longevity.


ONE cozy condo at mid level. Your kitty will luxuriate in the undisturbed naps he or she could take here.


FOUR sisal rope covered posts, with the main post running the complete 5 feet height of the unit. More scratching surface than you can poke claws at.

ALL this for just $107.00 US, and Shipped FREE to destinations in the 48 continental states of the USA.

IMPORTANT 8.75% Sales Tax is payable for all orders to destinations in the state of California.